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Starter Bites

Jalapeno peppers stuffed with cheese, fried & served with sour cream & chive

Plum vine tomato, basil, burrata cheese & olive oil

Basket fried super fresh calamari with garlic lemon aioli, Cayenne & salt


baby gem, red onion, gherkin, tomato, tomato horseradish, toasted brioche, French fries

Char grilled chicken breast, crispy bacon, Caesar salad, anchovies, croutons, parmesan

Grilled salmon fillet, pickled anchovies, green beans, new potatoes, olives, soft boiled egg

Basket fried fresh haddock, chunky chips, tartare sauce, pea puree, lemon & sea salt

Tomato, lettuce, pickled onion, gherkins, toasted brioche, fries, pickled slaw chipotle mayo

Stilton, strong cheddar, brie, pork pie, pickled onion with chutneys, piccalilli, crusty bread & Cornish butter

fresh pasta linguini, tomato, chilli, parsley, fresh white Cornish crab, lemon


Gluten free bases available +£2.00

slow cooked oregano tomato sauce, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil oil

Nduja spicy sausage, oregano tomato sauce, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, chilli oil


Cowboy chilli, cheese & jalapeño

French fries, truffle mayo, parmesan


Churros with cinnamon sugar & chocolate sauce

Fresh raspberries and strawberries

Warm double chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce & vanilla ice cream


Haddock, chunky chips, garden peas

chunky chips, garden peas

chunky chips, garden peas

Please inform a member of the team of any food allergy’s you may have. All food is prepared & cooked from  fresh in the same kitchen. We sadly cannot guarantee 100% of no cross contamination of any allergens  All